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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Why I hate leftist scum

As mentioned in my profile, I used to consider myself of ‘the left’.

Eight years ago, one of my favourite cities on the planet was despoiled by a grubby little collective of loathsome, violent, misogynist, racist, gay hating, goat fucking, death cult morons.

The perpetrators of the September 11 2001 attacks were muslims. When hearing about those September 11 2001 acts of monstrous cowardice, my first thoughts included:

It’s pretty obvious who the perpetrators were (I was in NYC in 1993)

How long until something similar happens here?

There goes a whole bunch of my basic civil rights and liberties

All a bit too prescient, even before turning on the TV and watching the twin towers burning and then collapsing. What I wasn’t prepared for was the victim blaming by evil braindead leftist scum.

The left proclaims to believe in and aggressively uphold nearly every single ideal that stupid muslim shitheads consider anathema (see the second sentence above).

Why then, were evil leftist hypocrites falling over themselves to blame the US for the attacks and defend the actions of those disgusting, limp dicked, arseholes?

At that point in my life I’d an important awakening – ‘progressive ideals’ were a load of shit and it was time to stop thinking they mattered.

What’s been even more infuriating is watching the west self destruct in the face of constant provocations from these stupid, ignorant, violent, loathsome, goat fucking dickheads.

If you’re looking for ‘root causes’ go back and read some history – islam has been at war with the west dating from the time mohammed first had a wet dream about nine year olds.

My father, may he rest in peace, was correct – he held the view that “mohammadens, son, they want to destroy the west”. Truer words have never been spoken.

This fight is far from over. More on this topic in time.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Lobotomised leftist scum directly enabled live animal exports 27 years ago, you screeching hippy twats

OK - enough equivocation.

The live animal (mass) export trade from this country commenced with a vengeance during the hawkey years, primarily to appease religion 'o' peacers.

First heard about the trade during my youth from around 1984 onwards.

Have done some searches trying to establish when it formally commenced in this country and the fudged facts and evasions lead me to surmise that it obviously got the ‘green light’ under labore from '83 onwards (gee, now there's a surprise).

Curiously, braindead greenie extremists claim to be opposed to this trade, bringing them into direct conflict with their muslamic brethren, yet again - gay marriage, anyone?

Staggering stupidity, cruelty and hypocrisy - gee, who'da thunk it?

This trade has been going on for almost 30 years and yet idiots are getting all het up about it now?

A vile, illogical and economically inefficient trade commenced primarily to appease the adherents of a barbaric, medieval death cult?

We should've fatally stunned the suggestion of such a trade being allowed to flourish at birth, so to speak.

Well done, lobotomised leftists. Yet again, you’ve managed to utterly disgust any human capable of rational thought.

Friday, April 8, 2011

History beckons, People!

Ultimately, we've got a gubment that hasn't got a clue.

But they are awesomely adept at excrementising everything they touch, see or contemplate.

We are indeed, truly blessed.

We are witnessing the unfolding of a 'carbon free' future, people.

Just don't be surprised when you discover there's no money in your wallet (or bank account), you've lost your job, your car's been stolen and your house has been burgled and trashed.

We'll most likely figuratively thank them for it in the morning by re-electing them, yet again...

Saturday, March 5, 2011

A reply to the editor at large...

AUSTRALIA is a polarised nation, split on carbon pricing, divided on the Greens' ideological agenda... Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott are tearing each other apart in the quest for dominance.

Above all, (there) is an insiders-outsiders split that shaped the August 2010 election result. The insiders, usually tertiary educated, are believers in climate change action while the outsiders...

The ultimate insiders constituency is the ACT, one of the richest and most privileged parts of Australia, home to the public service brains trust and the Canberra press gallery where carbon pricing is a commonsense "no brainer", same-sex marriage seems sensible, distaste for Abbott is elemental, where the Greens polled 19.2 per cent of the primary vote with the total Labor-Green primary vote last national election a whopping 64.2 per cent, affirming that for the ACT the Labor-Green ascendancy is Australia's future.

Look out lobotomised lefties - the beginning of the end of your ascendancy in the ACT has commenced with my moving down here.

The whole nation will deal with ‘her house sized bottomness’ and the braindead greenie extremists at a feral level sooner rather than later.

My targets however, are far more localised - the marxist morons in the ACT gubmint and that smug odious pratt andrew leigh.

So bludging commie parasites - consider yourselves ‘o’fficially notified - the gravy train is heading for an extremely spectacular derailment…


Rabz of ratbagville (Reply)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Compulsory voting is destroying our way of life...

Skip - please read on:

I've got some very bad news for you all.

Here's one simple example of the Air Tax’s inevitable impact:

Mid 2012 - Tax comes into effect - Petrol ‘adjust upwards’ from a certain price at that date by 15 cents a litre overnight, twenty five cents a litre a month later, 40 cents a litre three months later and finally, culminating in the xmas holiday season, by about a dollar a litre. Everyone bar pollies (who still don’t pay for the petrol for their limos) faces a petrol price of well over $3.50 a litre.

February 2013, following a massive increase in business bankruptcies, unemployment and mortgage foreclosures, the Gliberals abolish the great big tax. How much do you think petrol will decrease in price, upon them announcing that the tax no longer applies?

Here's a hint - not by anywhere near a dollar a litre and probably not at all.

This is what labore and those vile marxist greenie extremists have in store for this country. In the meantime, immigration (both legal and illegal) will continue to run at over 350,000 people per annum.

Thanks to compulsory voting, morons elect these pillocks and we have to live with the consequences.

Oh and by the way - we all claim that we're extremely annoyed with these marxist tw*ts, but never actually get off our asses and get in their fat stupid faces to express our anger at this unremitting war on our way of life.

The ball’s in our court people – do we passively wear this, or actively reject it?

Saturday, February 5, 2011

More utter greenie lunacy

That’s an interesting link to the greenie extremists’ website Tim.

What a bunch of sanctimonious, white, middle class, middle aged BANANAs…

Rabz of bananaville (Reply)
Fri 04 Feb 11 (08:29am)

A in Alice replied to Rabz
Fri 04 Feb 11 (12:09pm)

It is sickening and I note that boss green of Randwick met Bob Brown down at the Tasmanian dam protests.!

Speaking of green trash, I had a look at Bolta’s blog since comments came back and the leftards are out in force over there.

Rabz replied to Rabz
Fri 04 Feb 11 (01:16pm)

Hi Alice, yes, greenie extremists are indeed a very ‘diverse’ bunch, not.

I posted a strongly worded comment on Bolta’s blog yesterday about how fed up I am with that tool lazza - interestingly my comment wasn’t posted, but lazza’s insults were subsequently edited.

Also bluntly stated that Bolta appeared to be losing loyal readers due to the out of control idiocy of his leftist trolls, some of whom were infesting here up until recently.

They know who they are…

Spiny Norman replied to Rabz
Fri 04 Feb 11 (01:42pm)

Speaking of green trash, I had a look at Bolta’s blog since comments came back and the leftards are out in force over there.

As long as they stay away from here…

What is it about him that sets them off? I haven’t bothered with the comments there in a very long time because of the idiot trolls (except to have a peak on occasion and see if they are still frothing at the mouth, and they always are...).

RichardM replied to Rabz
Fri 04 Feb 11 (04:17pm)

“Speaking of green trash, I had a look at Bolta’s blog since comments came back and the leftards are out in force over there.”

You can say that again.

They appear to have been allowed to monopolise certain threads/topics, too, with no opposing comments appearing today at all.

Greener pastures beckon.

Winston Smith replied to Rabz
Fri 04 Feb 11 (04:48pm)

Correct RM. Same as Piers Akerman.
The aim is to shut down debate by making blogsites not worth going to. I did try to warn the Bolta, but control of these fascists is his job.
They’ll be here next, in their thousands, unless Tim decides otherwise.

RichardM replied to Rabz
Fri 04 Feb 11 (05:24pm)

“What is it about him that sets them off?”

I think the more accurate question may be: what is it about Tim that frightens them away?

spot replied to Rabz
Fri 04 Feb 11 (05:28pm)

I gave up with the comments threads at Bolt’s for the most part a while ago too. It’s like a poorly-managed zoo where the faeces-flinging howler monkeys have been allowed to go free-range. I still read Bolt’s posts, though, and take comfort in the fact that it’s the Bolt-deranged faeces-flinging howler monkeys who keep the hits up and pay his salary. Murdoch is no doubt laughing at the Leftards… all the way to the bank.