Friday, April 2, 2010

Beaster greetings, Suckers!

Here’s a little list of the problems we currently face in this country:

• Mass immigration of third woild peons and massive upsurge in racism towards and discrimination against white people
• Invasion of boat people – loss of control of our borders, unrestricted entry of criminal terrorists, welfare dependence of ‘refugees’, family reunion, high rates of peon breeding, actively encouraged not to assimilate
• Cities increasingly unlivable – massive increases in rents and property prices, overseas ownership of residential property, alienating ethnic ghettoes and ugly, shoddily constructed third woild developments and attendant living conditions
• Adherence to braindead green idiotology – no new infrastructure e.g. dams, power stations
• Utterly deliberate economic incompetence at all levels of gumment
• Breakdown of law and order and societal norms - inability and/or refusal of institutions (e.g. the courts) to rectify the damage
• Braindead PC brainwashing of children through the ‘school’ system, high rates of illiteracy and innumeracy, utter ignorance of history, with same situation evident in university system
• Explosion in useless parasitic bureaucracy across all three levels of gumment
• Braindead leftist lamestream meeja and internet censorship to prevent any opposition to evil leftist idiocy
• Increasing statist regulation and control, attempts to stifle free speech – e.g. yuman rites agenda will be imposed, despite massive opposition
• Braindead belief in the preposterous hoax known as catastrophic yuman induced climate change

That’s not an exhaustive list, by the way. These evil bastards are destroying our country. They need to be held accountable for this utterly inexcusable behavior and now.

On what basis do these stupid, evil scumbags presume they have a right to represent us, when all they ever do is act deliberately, maliciously and continually against our interests?

Why do idiots keep voting for them? Make voting non compulsory and do it soon. That way labore will never win another election at any level of gumment.

Otherwise enough – time for some direct action. We need to make these evil destructive parasites fear the consequences of acting against the interests of decent middle class taxpayers, who cop the brunt of this dissolution of our society and who have the most to lose. The middle class still constitutes the bulk of people in this country, although they won’t for much longer, the way things are going.

And yes, I’m absolutely and utterly furious about this deliberate destruction of our society. Woe betide any braindead labore politician stupid enough to cross my path…