Friday, April 24, 2009

Mission Statement of Rabz' Blogue

The latest 'stimulus package':

As a single white male earning over $100Kpa I get nothing. Zero, Zip, Nada, Blot.

I am however, inevitably viewed as a racist before even so much as speaking. I’m blithely assumed to be an endless source of taxation revenue to fund the pointless lives of lazy braindead white trash, whining, entitlement demanding, racist immigrant peons and other wonderfully colourful diverse ‘types’.

I’m assumed to be a violent, potential rapist by so called feminists. All because of circumstances beyond my control.

I worked hard at school, put up with years of (relative) poverty at University and then had the hide to struggle in various workplaces to get ahead whilst actively being discriminated against.

I'm not allowed to express my political views (unless anonymously, through blogs like this) under pain of losing my livelihood and yet have to put up with pathetic, abusive, violent, ignorant, moronic hypocrites a hell of a lot more than should be necessary.

Yet ultimately, this could be tolerated because personally, things could be a lot worse. Having been widely travelled, there is still no doubt that Australia is the only ‘nation’ on the planet that I would want to live in. I’ve always admired couples who have children for the right reasons and willingly take responsibility for them. Ultimately, middle class parents make more sacrifices than anyone else by producing future taxpayers. I am willing to bankroll their ‘lifestyle choices’ – just not lazy useless scumbags.

However, the enthusiasm is waning due to being old enough to vaguely remember the shambolic excesses of the sh*tlam ‘era’ (certainly remember my father spending most of those three years utterly apoplectic).

But this current bunch of pig headed, brainwashed, hypocritical, lazy, stupid, sanctimonious, smarmy, brown nosing (e.g. of morons like bollocks osama and the one eyed scottish idiot), egomaniacal, solipsistic, megalomaniacal, idiotology obsessed, uptight, censorious, Orwellian, guilt obsessed pieces of excrement WILL end up bankrupting this country and turning it into Keato’s wet dream of a banana republic before our very eyes – and sooner rather than later.

Is this the legacy you people want to leave your kiddies?!?

$300 billion in foreign debt and counting? Harassing and badgering people to try to pay off that debt simply because they aren’t lazy, dysfunctional, braindead illiterate clowns?

And yet that evil li’l dweeb has an approval rating of 74% by beggaring the economy in barely 12 months…

And yes, I’m and mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore…

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