Friday, October 1, 2010

Some musings on the problem of greenie extremist scumbags...

No, they don’t believe in these things. Most of those who switched from Labor to Green in August did so because it was fashionable. None of the Labor-to-Green voters I know have any idea of Green policies nor do they care. But they were quick to tell me on the Sunday after the election they voted Green. No greater evidence of this than in those seats where being trendy is everything - Melbourne and Grayndler, in Sydney.

It is the grave weakness in the Greens’ support. Only a third of their voters are true believers, maybe even less.

Dave of Riverina (Reply)
Thu 30 Sep 10 (10:33am)

Rabz replied to Dave
Thu 30 Sep 10 (02:01pm)


Being a resident of Albansleazeyville (Grayndler), I must respectfully disagree with your assertion.

One point I’ve been banging on about over the last few months (in particular to a certain big teddles) is that a significant proportion of the demographic in albansleazeyville are sanctimonious, white, middle class, middle aged, baby boomer hippy scumbags (my neighbores).

These people are unrepentant in their not so secret adherance to the greenies’ extremist agenda. They know full well what the greenies stand for. They can’t exactly claim ignorance, having been steeped in this evil left wing lunacy all their pointless, parasitic lives.

The truly frightening thing is that the younger local greenie fascists are even more strident in their spouting of this year zero garbage…

Hopefully at least some of them might grow out of it.

Being a conservative in albansleazeyville is truly a surreal experience - sometimes I feel like an exhibit in a zoo.

Aristocracy of Grunts replied to Dave
Thu 30 Sep 10 (02:30pm)

Greens have ditched political argument and moved direct to marketing. It’s not about the policies, or the details, it’s about the image voters have of themselves when they vote for you.

Green voter’s self-image: a really good person, caring, yet special--a bit different, more intelligent than the lumpenproles who vote for the Big Parties, young but with the future of the PlanetTM at heart.

An image so dreamily disconnected from the true consequences of voting Green as to be almost laughable.

But it works. Enough people voted Green because they thought it was the cool thing to do for the Greens to now have power far out of proportion to the number of votes they attracted, and light-years greater than they’d have if they depended on just the votes of those who fully grasp and support their policies.

Dave replied to Dave
Thu 30 Sep 10 (03:16pm)


While I agree with your description, they are not true believers. If they were true believers they would not have carbon footprints twice that of the average Australian. Green policies will hit these trendy Green voters hardest. That is because to a person they have jobs that only exist because Australia is a first-world economy that can afford the luxury of baristas and Age columnists.

In Bob Brown’s stone age utopia they will be running around pleading for someone to catch them a rat to eat. I suspect they know that. Voting Green was only a good idea when it mean nothing. Now it is having a real effect, they will step back.

Rabz replied to Dave
Thu 30 Sep 10 (06:04pm)

Now it (voting green) is having a real effect, they will step back.

Thanks Dave,

Wish I shared your optimism.

What worries me the most about these vile hypocrites is that they unrepentantly view themselves as “more equal animals” (see AoG above), with all the attendant power and privilege that concept implies.

That is why I distrust and despise them so.

They will never stop voting green. I hope I am wrong.

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