Friday, February 25, 2011

Compulsory voting is destroying our way of life...

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I've got some very bad news for you all.

Here's one simple example of the Air Tax’s inevitable impact:

Mid 2012 - Tax comes into effect - Petrol ‘adjust upwards’ from a certain price at that date by 15 cents a litre overnight, twenty five cents a litre a month later, 40 cents a litre three months later and finally, culminating in the xmas holiday season, by about a dollar a litre. Everyone bar pollies (who still don’t pay for the petrol for their limos) faces a petrol price of well over $3.50 a litre.

February 2013, following a massive increase in business bankruptcies, unemployment and mortgage foreclosures, the Gliberals abolish the great big tax. How much do you think petrol will decrease in price, upon them announcing that the tax no longer applies?

Here's a hint - not by anywhere near a dollar a litre and probably not at all.

This is what labore and those vile marxist greenie extremists have in store for this country. In the meantime, immigration (both legal and illegal) will continue to run at over 350,000 people per annum.

Thanks to compulsory voting, morons elect these pillocks and we have to live with the consequences.

Oh and by the way - we all claim that we're extremely annoyed with these marxist tw*ts, but never actually get off our asses and get in their fat stupid faces to express our anger at this unremitting war on our way of life.

The ball’s in our court people – do we passively wear this, or actively reject it?

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