Saturday, March 5, 2011

A reply to the editor at large...

AUSTRALIA is a polarised nation, split on carbon pricing, divided on the Greens' ideological agenda... Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott are tearing each other apart in the quest for dominance.

Above all, (there) is an insiders-outsiders split that shaped the August 2010 election result. The insiders, usually tertiary educated, are believers in climate change action while the outsiders...

The ultimate insiders constituency is the ACT, one of the richest and most privileged parts of Australia, home to the public service brains trust and the Canberra press gallery where carbon pricing is a commonsense "no brainer", same-sex marriage seems sensible, distaste for Abbott is elemental, where the Greens polled 19.2 per cent of the primary vote with the total Labor-Green primary vote last national election a whopping 64.2 per cent, affirming that for the ACT the Labor-Green ascendancy is Australia's future.

Look out lobotomised lefties - the beginning of the end of your ascendancy in the ACT has commenced with my moving down here.

The whole nation will deal with ‘her house sized bottomness’ and the braindead greenie extremists at a feral level sooner rather than later.

My targets however, are far more localised - the marxist morons in the ACT gubmint and that smug odious pratt andrew leigh.

So bludging commie parasites - consider yourselves ‘o’fficially notified - the gravy train is heading for an extremely spectacular derailment…


Rabz of ratbagville (Reply)

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