Friday, July 1, 2011

Lobotomised leftist scum directly enabled live animal exports 27 years ago, you screeching hippy twats

OK - enough equivocation.

The live animal (mass) export trade from this country commenced with a vengeance during the hawkey years, primarily to appease religion 'o' peacers.

First heard about the trade during my youth from around 1984 onwards.

Have done some searches trying to establish when it formally commenced in this country and the fudged facts and evasions lead me to surmise that it obviously got the ‘green light’ under labore from '83 onwards (gee, now there's a surprise).

Curiously, braindead greenie extremists claim to be opposed to this trade, bringing them into direct conflict with their muslamic brethren, yet again - gay marriage, anyone?

Staggering stupidity, cruelty and hypocrisy - gee, who'da thunk it?

This trade has been going on for almost 30 years and yet idiots are getting all het up about it now?

A vile, illogical and economically inefficient trade commenced primarily to appease the adherents of a barbaric, medieval death cult?

We should've fatally stunned the suggestion of such a trade being allowed to flourish at birth, so to speak.

Well done, lobotomised leftists. Yet again, you’ve managed to utterly disgust any human capable of rational thought.

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