Saturday, May 9, 2009

the Economist in Residence is in the 'oose!

Reader Alan writes:

Rabz, can you explain a bit of economics to me? I can’t balance the petty cash book, so I need help.
1) Wayne Swan and Kevin Rudd have just handed out $43 billion in a ‘stimulus’ package that includes $900 cheques and zillions of pink batts. “Roll up, roll up, money for all”.
2) Wayne Swan and Kevin Rudd are now telling us the country is broke and the ‘harshest budget since the Depression’ will be required to stop the country having Depression Mk.II. This includes means-testing the private health rebate (core promise NOT to do), and other measures of increased taxation. They tell us the budget will not return to surplus until 2015.
My question. How are these two events compatible by a government that claims to be acting “responsibly”?
To me, second grade maths tell us that the two measures contradict each other. But then, I’m an economic illiterate - what would I know.

Hi Al,

Your economist in residence is 'ere to answer your question.

Like all good socialists, they are “redistributing the wealth” – the answer, in a nutshell.

The free cash comes courtesy of hard working taxpayers who are badgered and threatened by the ATO to pay up or else.

I'm still waiting for my Jan to Mar PAYG statement as the idiots at the ATO keep sending it to the wrong address...

If you earn over $100K, you don't get a cent. I'm owed over $2500 by the ATO, but ruff and his moronic minions are more than happy to send out $900 cheques to people who are either dead or not even citizens of this country.

The money they've extorted out of me won't even keep an extended family of refugees in welfare for more than two weeks.

This is how they are beggaring our country.

No one could have predicted (except Andrew B) this level of incompetence and utter idiocy before the election, but the MSM as usual, let us all down.


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