Sunday, May 17, 2009

Some more thoughts aboot global norming

Global norming adherents deserve extinction, not those cuddly poley bears.

There's still way too much hysterical crap about global norming/climate change in the media for my liking though...

And too many idiots that I'm getting into arguments with who still believe that human economic activity is destroying the planet.

There's been way too much fanaticism invested in this whole scam for the most prominent purveyors to come out and admit it though.

Could anyone really picture idiots like gore, flummery, '100 metres' williams, hansen, garret, wrong (penny), ruff, clive ‘the hypocrite’ hamilton, and osama (that's bollocks hussein osama, not the deceased cave dweller) ever actually admitting they’re wrong?

Unfortunately, that’s why we're going to be stuck with this absolute and utter hysterical, chicken little, preposterous fact free garbage for a whole lot longer than necessary.

Meanwhile, how many people in the third woild will have been denied economic opportunities and food (look up the damage biofuel harvesting is causing to food production levels) to satisfy some egomaniacal braindead western leftists and their ridiculous fantasies?

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