Saturday, February 13, 2010

This is not about goils....

Lord Monckton, Andrew Bolt, Alan Jones, Prof. Ian Plimer, Cori Benardi, Barnarby Joyce, Tony Abbott, Nick Minchen & Co. Will go down in history as the types of people who helped save Australia from Economic Armegeddon.

I was lucky enough to see Lord Monckton when he was in Australia and personally Thanked him on Australia’s and the World’s behalf.

The forum was the Perfect Counter Attack on Australia’s own Benedict Arnold the TREASONOUS Kevin Rudd and his ETS TAX SCAM..!

Lord Monckton’s only weapon “THE TRUTH” shot down the Global Warming Scam in flames.

John of Melbourne (Reply)
Fri 12 Feb 10 (06:27pm)

Rabz replied to John
Sat 13 Feb 10 (12:43am)
‘Darth’ Minchin’s Senate Speech on August 11 last year was the ‘tipping point’.

Come on commies, prove me wrong!

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