Sunday, February 28, 2010


“Caucus sources were putting it about last week that Mr Garrett - a former rock star who fronted the hugely successful Midnight Oil - had discussed with close friends the option of not standing again.

They said Mr Garrett’s wife Doris, in particular, was pushing for him to get out as she grew increasingly appalled at the humiliating treatment being meted out to him.”

I hated midnight oil with an absolute passion.

Hey, garrett, that’s why so many people are laying the boot in!

The reference I’ve been using as a locality marker is instructive for leftist w**kers.

It’s a reflection of the sort of contempt garrett holds fellow Aussies in.

Don’t forget, don’t forgive.

Good bleeping riddance, when it finally bleeping happens…

Oh and don’t forget about appearing on “So you think you can dance”, you utterly out of your depth hypocrite!

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