Saturday, November 20, 2010



You've raised a very interesting conundrum...

I'm so sick of commies 'redistributing' my wealth that I've recently (very legally, BTW) opted out of the income (PAYG) tax system altogether.

I would urge anyone in a potentially similar situation to do the same.

This is not a position that I advocate lightly.

The entirely avoidable and unnecessary (not to mention staggeringly expensive and socially destructive) 'ruffo' debacle has been the major driver of my decision to cease paying income tax.

It's one not so small way that I can actually hold these staggeringly evil, stupid and incompetent commie grubs to account.

gimmme and BTK, I sympathise with your positions, but enough is enough.

The tumbrils need to be readied and some direct action needs to be implemented.

A simple and easy way to force another feral erection would be to start placing 'pressure' (of various different, subtle kinds) on certain pathetic, easily targeted feral labore gumment plonkers.

Preferably, those in marginal seats.

Again, I don’t like advocating this course of action, but these vile pillocks have to be removed and soon (i.e. before 30 June 2011).

Otherwise we won't have a functioning society, economy or country remaining that we can rescue.

BTW, in a reversed scenario, our so called 'opponents' would have no problem with resorting to this course of action if they had the opportunity, intelligence and wherewithal to do so.

We do, they don't – so let's seize the opportunity while we still can.


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