Saturday, December 18, 2010

'ave we 'ad enough yet?!?

The fault lies at the feet of ruff and dullard.

They have blood on their hands for getting rid of Howard’s policy.

dullard as PM should be at Christmas Island consoling all including those who witnessed this catastrophe.

I hope the press stand outside the Church door when ruff comes out on Christmas Day and ask him will he spare a thought for all who lost their loved ones, witnessed the carnage and does he have a guilty conscience...

Annie of Newcastle (Reply)
Sat 18 Dec 10 (08:29am)

...stand outside the Church door when ruff comes out on...

Annie, with respect, he'll be overseas waddling out of a mosque, most likely - after all 'e is 'foreign monster' nowadays...

An interview from the ALPBC shortly:

A question for foreign monster ruff: “Monster, how do you feel about your policies directly leading to the death of nearly 200 grasping, braindead, thoid woild peons?”

ruff: “with respect and I make no apologies for saying this, Leigh Sales, the programmatic specificitah of the coicumstances that could possibly lead indirectly to the person who is alleged to be the nominated leader of this nation that is south of indo bloody nesia blah bleeping blah bleeping blah, etc, etc ,etc…”

Everyone listening within a 200,000km radius falls asleep...

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