Sunday, December 19, 2010

You soft, braindead bleeps!

There you go, stating the bleeding obvious, yet again...



bog brown
silly filly
big teddles
dill 'o' tas
barnaby 'rubble' fife
the black knight
talaleban of islamistan
mar'n fer'son
dilip conroy
ian rintool
davo marred
bog ellis
gareth gareth evans
natasha bott-destroya
beryl kernot
goug sh*tlam
al grassby
john dumby
cad rann
cap'n bligh
pristina keneally
joh della bozo
ol' leftist
fair dinkum
lizard 'o' thiroull
turdstillborn34 'o' boganville
ros kelly
paul kelly
the grattan
adele horror
unfunnybelle crab
braindead deveny, duuuhhhh
dim flummery
robyn '100 metres' williams (not the actor)
egbert van rumpy pumpy of eurostan
chilla big ears, squoire!
bollocks hussein osama - blah cliched blah, etc
hugo chavez
huge yakman
crate blandchick
adam 'bum' bandit, MP
a collective 'o' braindead feminayzee wymmin, you sexist pig!
a bunch 'o' more equal animals...
and some silly carpet dogues

So that has to be it, bolt, surely - how will you be able to sleep at night now, you death dealing fascist?!?!?

These potential welfare recipients are dead and it's all your fault!

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