Friday, June 19, 2009

The Levant atomises Orwellian idiots, again!

The Levant atomises the canuckistan yuman rites commissariats.

It's long, it's extremely focussed in its absolute fury and it's all pure gold.

A single highlight:

"...I would like to point out something superlative in Lynch’s speech: she has taken Orwellian inversions to a level that I have not seen before. She’s simply the best at what Orwell called newspeak and doublethink.

Every flaw and error in her own conduct and that of her CHRC henchmen, she attributes to her opponents. Every vicious tactic she uses herself as a matter of course, she blames on her victims.

It is classic Orwellian behaviour, and it shows Lynch is better suited to working in Iran than in Canada."

Feel very free to read it all.

And remember, this is what evil, stupid, sociopathic 'progressives' want to inflict on us...

Valuable lessons can be learned from the 'yuman rites' precedents in that pathetic excuse for a country, Canuckistan...


  1. Rabz

    You, Coulter, Bolt, Akerman, Hannity, and every other pathetic apologist for Israel should have a gigantic love-in (that's if here's any room after Akerman gets in the bed)and talk about why the USA should support Israel in their childish "we'll bomb the crap out of anyone we don't like". The Palestinians have no idea how to behave either but doesn't make Israel right in any way at all

  2. I'm Jewish but I'm not a swinger...

    Whoever you are - don't be shy!

    bollocks hussein osama is NOT a supporter of Israel, so your rant is now officially redundant.

    So, please f*ck off...


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