Sunday, June 7, 2009

Thanks, you muslim creep...

On Bollocks Hussein Osama's pathetic, grovelling 'speech'

Reader Daniel writes:

Rabz, it is not just Jewish Americans who should feel betrayed.
It is every American who watched 9/11.
Every American who fought against tyranny or for democracy.
As a letter in today’s Australian notes:
When one side makes it very clear that it wants to annihilate the other side, you do not go to them and plead for a new beginning in relations. President Obama will learn that lesson in due course. We learned it in the 1930s when Hitler had similar intentions.

Thanks Dan,

Yet again, you’re a voice of commonsense after a whole lot of shrill Jew hating bigots.
muslims ARE nazis - therefore your historical allusions are very apt.
And to any idiots who dare challenge my previous assertion - muslims hate Jews with the same kind of irrational racist foaming that the nayzees did.
So shut up, get over it and stop fantasising about annihilating Jews.
It’s not going to happen.
Keep threatening us and you’ll find out why.

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