Thursday, June 18, 2009


Braindead leftist pansies continue to waddle into debates on Bolt's and Blair's and continue to get smashed to a pulp – Bolt’s post about the upheavals in Iran, leads to an idiot leftist dragging Israel into the debate.

Remember, this is about that pathetic little dweeb ruff bignoting himself in relation to action he’d take against that odious little nayzee, ahmageddinabad…


Wasn’t Ruff going to take out Ahmageddinabad?
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No, we can’t and shouldn’t ever blame the Jews (or should that be Israel?!) for everything.
But, they are to blame for the humanitarian tragedy in Gaza.
See here or just google it if you’re interested....
Now what caused this Gaza tragedy to unfold? Hamas rockets and then a retaliatory and opportunistic attack by Israel...or was it
this?, of course some here will opt for the former but this only makes sense if you believe effect comes before cause.
Can someone please point out if the Rudd government has stated whether it will bring Israel before the International Court of Justice to face charges?
pbrain (Reply)Wed 17 Jun 09 (11:42am)

Rabz replied to pbrain Wed 17 Jun 09 (01:39pm)
You are very aptly named.
Did you know that the “Palestinians” could have had their own country as far back as 1948 had they accepted the UN sponsored partition plan which gave Israel AND the Palestinians a countries of their own on land which Jews had lived on for thousands of years? The Arabs rejected the UN offer and went to war with the infant Israeli nation. The Arabs lost and have been whining about it ever since.
Did you know that the Arabs in the disputed territories (conquered by Israel in the 1967 war which was started by Arabs) and who are not Israelis already have two countries right now? And that they are called Egypt and Jordan?
Learn some history, you pathetic bigot.

pbrain replied to pbrain Wed 17 Jun 09 (03:17pm)
Got any counter-arguments or just bluster and ad-hominems. I guess you would have provided them if you had any.
Rabz, were is the bigotry in revealing facts?
Do I support Hamas firing rockets? Of course I don’t.
Let’s not focus on my links, they serve the purpose of highlighting a grave situation. I could have cited hundreds of other links and they would have been dismissed out of hand. It helps to research without having your conclusion beforehand.
Is it not possible to have an informed discussion were both sides put forward arguments that are discussed and debated or am I on the wrong blog.

Rabz replied to pbrain Wed 17 Jun 09 (07:35pm)
Peabrain – I provided some fairly definitive counter arguments – the main one being that the ‘palestinians’ have no one to blame for the ‘humanitarian tragedy in gaza’ (as you so quaintly put it) except themselves.
The ‘palestinians’ are genocidal frauds. Look up the mohammed al-dura scandal, if you don’t believe me, or the more recent fabrications (aided and abetted by fifth columnist, traitorous lamestream media) exposed during Operation Cast Lead.
I stand by my original comments and the mild ad hominem at the end.
One of my favourite summations of your ilk is contained in the linked article and reads as such:
“Nevertheless, it is distressing to hear the large number of supposedly peace- loving critics of Israel in essence defend Hamas, one of the most virulently un-intellectual, illiberal, bellicose, misogynistic, hateful and violent brands of religious fanaticism on Earth.”
Onya peabrain.
Now please go away to a ‘progressive’ blog and spout your illogical, unsubstantiated off topic hysterics there, where they belong.

dowp replied to pbrain Wed 17 Jun 09 (11:43pm)
perhaps someone will bring you before a reputable body to test your IQ and historical awareness.
Based on your posts here, I think you’ll fail their tests but at least it’ll keep you off the blogging streets for awhile and give us all a rest.

Honestly, why do these morons bother?

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