Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Paltridge and 'is Climate Capers...

Dynamite new book out today denouncing the preposterous sham that is global norming, err, climate change, err, climate toibulence, err, etc...

Dr Paltridge was a Chief Research Scientist with CSIRO and is a Fellow of the Academy of Science. His is a specialist in atmospheric physics and climatology. He took part in the establishment of the World Climate Program in the mid-1970’s, and was with the US National Climate Office during 1989 at the time of the emergence of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. For ten years he was CEO of the Antarctic Cooperative Research Centre studying the role of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean in climate. He is currently an Emeritus Professor at the University of Tasmania.

And meanwhile at Bolta's:

Rabz replied to watchfulfreddie Thu 16 Jul 09 (01:43pm)

“I put it to you that, you people aren’t really even interested in the science. You are merely interested in mocking and hurling insults at people because you choose to believe this is all a political issue and those that believe it are your political enemies.”

OK Blindfreddie, I’ll bite…

We are no longer interested in having laughably false, demonstrably preposterous, pseudo ‘science’ fed to us as fact by pompous, sanctimonious, lying hypocrites.

Therefore, on the basis of my statement above, I no longer regard this human induced climate catastrophe nonsense as a ‘scientific’ issue. We now stand to have our economy and therefore our livelihoods impacted by the pseudo religious belief of pathetic ignorant, lying moronic dweebs like ruff and wrong. Err, why was the introduction of the ETS delayed again? – here’s a hint – political expediency, not because it ‘couldn’t wait’, another demonstrably false assertion by ruff.

Therefore, these ignorant labore lunatics imposing a stupid new tax based on a laughably false premise is now as far as I’m concerned, a very ‘political’ issue. Yes and the morons out there who continue to believe in the concept of human induced climate catastrophe I do regard very much (along with braindead politicians) as being my enemies.

BTW, why didn’t you just denounce the Paltridge as being in the pay of big oil and be done with it? That’s about the extent of the ‘objectivity’ and reasoned argument I’d expect from you and your ilk…


  1. I used to be critical of skeptics but after looking at this issue for some time now I have become a skeptic.

    There is NO scientific proof of MAN CAUSED global warming what so ever !

    As a father of two small children I am more worried about a government pissing their future up against a wall with stupid emissions legislation that I am the risk that they will be harmed by unatural warming of the earth caused by humans.

    It is just absolutely appalling how so many people are determined to cripple our country without a scrap of scientific evidence that humans have caused more than the most miniscule amount.

  2. Ano,

    Why do they believe so?


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