Saturday, July 25, 2009

Live bloggin' the Hawks V the Kitties

Currently watchin’ last year’s Grand Finalists going for it…

Hawks 98, Cats 91, six minutes remaining…

The momentum appears to be with the kitties

Rabz of Sydney (Reply)Sat 25 Jul 09 (04:40pm)

Hawks 98, Kitties 97…

Rabz of Swannyville (Reply)Sat 25 Jul 09 (04:44pm)

Scores level! 98 each…

seconds remain…

The Bartel!

draw looks likely.


It’s over, but the Bartel has a kick…

One point!

The Kitties snatch it - the hawks have snatched defeat from the jaws of victorah!

Final score:
Cats 99
Hawks 98

Rabz of Syd (Reply)Sat 25 Jul 09 (04:52pm)


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