Saturday, July 25, 2009

When too much smugness is barely enough...

FFS, leftards give me the provoibials...

in a rare allusion to his African-American background

Oh puhleeze…

Obama, a notorious racist, (’Rev’ Wright anyone?) rarely alludes to his so called ‘background’ because he’s a sanctimonious opportunistic hypocrite given a free pass by a braindead leftist media.

The same braindead leftist media that smears anyone as a racist who makes an objective criticism of the smug commie fraud.

Not good enough.

Rabz of Sydney (Reply)Fri 24 Jul 09 (01:40pm)

LB replied to Rabz Fri 24 Jul 09 (11:27pm)

So to sum up, Obama is: a racist, sanctimonious, opportunistic, a hypocrite, smug, a communist and a fraud. I with all that objective criticism I reckon you’ve got him figured out champ!

Rabz replied to el bee Sat 25 Jul 09 (4:20pm)

Hey, I’m not a journalist and therefore don’t even have to pretend to be ‘objective’. Sorry I laid into your odious, self aggrandizing slime bucket…

Oops, did it again!

And guess what?

I’m not sorry!

He IS a smug, racist, sanctimonious, opportunistic, hypocritical, odious, self aggrandizing commie fraud slime bucket.

Truth and lefties, eh?

Mutually exclusive concepts…

BTW, no foither correspondence will be entered into, drone.

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