Saturday, March 6, 2010

Clueless as always...

Oh, joy - for bleep's sake leftists are idiots:

somone in the 30’s used similar tactics didn’t they
and became very popular playing to the locals, it’s all they’re fault, there different.

mick maggs (Reply)
Sat 06 Mar 10 (09:48am)
Link replied to mick maggs
Sat 06 Mar 10 (10:27am)
In this case they are different & I believe Geert is asking questions that should of been asked 20 years ago.
If this questions are asked & problems are nipped in the bud then the chance of your 1930’s example happening again are much reduced.
If things are left the way they are with uncontrolled immigration then 20 years from now the natives might not be willing to sit down & discuss.

Rabz replied to mick maggs
Sat 06 Mar 10 (11:10am)
Your ignorance and smugness is astonishing.

Europe’s swapped 20 million jews for 60 million muslims and there’s never been so much obvious, overt anti-semitism there since the nayzees.

Which group of ‘people’ hate jews as much as the nayzees, idiot?

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