Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Oh, the appalling 'istorical ignorance...

I never fail to enjoy bashing the absolute stuffing out of ignorant ahistorical idiots. Please read on...

martinX replied to Sammer
Mon 15 Mar 10 (01:53pm)

Sammer said: Would you argue The Holocaust was done in the name of religion?
While not done in the name of religion, religious hatred certainly laid the groundwork for it.

Rabz replied to Sammer
Mon 15 Mar 10 (02:21pm)

For the last time, the nayzees persecuted the Jews on the basis of race, not religion.
muslims, who BTW, are NOT a race, persecute Jews on the same basis.

Abu Chowdah replied to Sammer
Mon 15 Mar 10 (04:25pm)

Sammer, indeed the Nazis did seek to exterminate others. But the reason for exterminating the Jews was because they were Jews. It was a hatred linked into centuries of religious hatred and anyone who thinks the holocaust (meaning the Jewish genocide)was not linked to religious intolerance is an idiot or a liar or BOTH.

Rabz replied to Sammer
Tue 16 Mar 10 (01:48pm)

Mr chowdah - refer to my comment above about why the nayzees persecuted the Jews.
nayzee idiotology - central to which was the ‘Jewish problem’, was entirely RACIALLY based. Religion did not enter into the equation.
‘itler viewed the woild through an obscene raced based prism - the germans, northern europeans, etc, were the master race (aryans) locked in a mortal struggle against the ‘untermensch’ or Jewish ‘subhumans’. All the nayzee persecution of the Jews was framed and based in the terms and language of race - look up the nuremburg laws for example (aka, ‘racial purity’ laws).
I would posit that you are the lying idiot. Go and read up on some history and hopefully you’ll avoid making such a fool of yourself in future.
Not Good Enough.

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