Friday, March 12, 2010

You say what you have to say - even if it's the bleeping obvious...

Why did the ABC give the false impression that Xie was attacking all sceptics, when he plainly did not?

Because they’re a bunch of lazy, lying leftards?!?!
Rabz of Programmatic Specificity Chunderland (Reply)
Fri 12 Mar 10 (08:27am)

Baden replied to Rabz
Fri 12 Mar 10 (09:24am)
Because it didn’t fit the agenda dictated by the Canberra spin doctors?

doug z replied to Rabz
Fri 12 Mar 10 (11:55am)
there’s nothing lazy about this. It was obviously deliberate and malicious.

Rabz replied to Rabz
Fri 12 Mar 10 (08:57pm)
With respect, Doug,

Must disagree - they’re parroting the party line, as usual.

Don’t bother to report (what was actually uttered) - just make the worst of it.

As I said, lazy…

P.S. hence the P.S. (in the address)

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