Saturday, August 1, 2009

Some thoughts about kevni ruff and penny wrong

Reader Ricky writes:

Hey Rabz,

That climate sceptics site is very good and precisely what I want to believe. I really want to see the climate change advocates refute the sceptics position point by point. In short I want to be convinced that human caused climate change is real. Otherwise I'm afraid I'm with the sceptics.


Good to hear from you.

The graphs are conclusive as far as I’m concerned. Bolt’s had them up at his site frequently. There is an evident cooling since 1998 (hot year because of el nino) and some very recent significant drops in temperatures (so much that .7 degrees of the estimated 1 degree rise in the twentieth century has been wiped out since 2000). All the while, carbon emissions have been increasing, mainly driven by increasing emissions from China and India.

This is the most singularly shameful episode in a never ending cavalcade of stupidity and pig headedness from loathsome braindead idiotology obsessed retards (i.e. politicians).

Watching that disgusting smug ignorant bint wrong refusing to answer Fielding’s questions would be funny if it wasn’t so serious.

The fact that these idiots are still considering an ETS that will destroy jobs and industry as well as driving up energy costs by about $1400 per person per year is just incomprehensible. Why do it anyway if China and India’s emissions instantly wipe out any carbon emission ‘savings’ we make from destroying our economy?

This is an absolute scandal and both labore and the gliberals deserve to be utterly physically hounded (i.e. egged, cakes in the face, the sex pistols ‘Liar’ blasted at top note whenever they try to speak publically) by angry mobs for even considering it.

This is not good enough and I am seriously furious about it.

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