Thursday, November 12, 2009

An Email to the Slime Monster

rudd, you evil, egomaniacal, prissy little commie pansy, if you and your slavering bunch of society destroying economic troglodytes impose the ETS and sign the Copenhagen treaty, effectively giving the order to bankrupt this country, you are history…

I will never forget, much less forgive…

Catastrophic human induced climate change is the most preposterous hoax of both the twentieth and twenty first centuries.

I am utterly livid that the electorate has been so braindead as to elect the first so called ‘government’ that is unrepentantly committed to destroying our economy and making everybody in this country worse off.

Oh and the role of the evil, braindead commie media (with of course, a few notable exceptions) in this utter scandal won’t be forgotten or forgiven either…

And as for the so called scientists (grants gobblers) and other assorted carpetbaggers (e.g. al bore) that are perpetrating these lies, don’t get me started…

Go jump, you evil, mediocre, braindead totalitarian weasel. I hope you die a long, slow painful death and soon.

Yours sincerely,

Rabbi Pavel Mustovich

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