Sunday, November 29, 2009

One is a person, not a cetacean!

Yeah report it,

You stupid evil commies!

Groupthink spouting enviroweenies!

Sorry, Kae, the message needs to be continually SHOUTED OUT for those victims of the marxist education system.

Keep ‘em dumb ‘n’ keep ‘em illiterate and you can make ‘em believe anything…
Not good enough.

We have a civic duty to re-educate morons. We can do it, one soft euroweenie pansy at a time.



Rabz of Big Soot Central (Reply)

Sat 28 Nov 09 (08:11pm)

Abu Chowdah replied to Rabz
Sat 28 Nov 09 (09:31pm)

Moby ahoy!

Rabz replied to Rabz

Sun 29 Nov 09 (02:40pm)

I am a man, not a whale!

bingbing replied to Rabz

Sun 29 Nov 09 (04:07pm)

Not a whale? Got a peer-reviewed link to prove it?

Thought not!

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