Wednesday, November 25, 2009

You spineless Idiots!

An email to those scumbags at the gliberal party:

Due to the utterly craven collaboration with the worst government in the history of this country to impose an extortionate tax, further intrusion and regulation into business and personal lives, further erosion of personal liberty and capitulation to venal interest groups, I, my entire family and everyone I know cannot and will not support your party, and if no option is offered will vote informal.

The Liberal Party will have the worst federal election result in its entire history, which it will richly deserve for its cowardice and moral turpitude; the economic and social disaster that will descend on the Australian people will be less deserved, as they will be left with little option.

We now have a one party state in all but name. I would’ve joined, contributed and campaigned for the party if you had the fortitude to fight this idiocy based on fraud, but obviously the retention of the leader’s marginal seat is of more import than the national interest.

The Liberal Party is finished, and under these circumstances all I can say is good riddance.

Courtesy of the mighty Habib of Wilston

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