Sunday, November 22, 2009

Welease Woger!

“Like many Australians, I’m afraid”.

Err, per’aps:

“Like many Australians, I’m afraid I’ll be exposed as an unthinking, braindead moronic idiot given to believing in quite patently preposterous hoaxes about how yuman economic activitah is destroying the planet!”
And we wouldn’t want that, would we sheeple?

P.S. Don’t forget aboot those cybernetic entitahs called Gaia, peons!

Rabz of a woild gone stark ravin' bonkers (Reply)
Sat 21 Nov 09 (03:58pm)

It is about time somebody of Clive Hamilton’s calibre rode into to town to deal with the denialist hombre backwoods militia that have been holding the planet to ransom. Polish your gun-racks and pat your pig dogs while you can you rednecks. The day of reckoning approaches.

Roger of Scoresby (Reply)
Sat 21 Nov 09 (06:21pm)

Winston Smith replied to Roger
Sat 21 Nov 09 (08:43pm)
See the message below, Woger…

“In a rare bout of descriptive accuracy, Rudd plans to rename Australia “the Democratic Republic of Dumbturdistan"."

...and you, slaphead, are this overgrown village’s idiot.

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