Sunday, December 20, 2009

Proodly post Carbetbaggen - at bleeping last

Has no one noted the fundamental shift reflected in changing the target from CO2 ppm to degrees?

Why, it’s as if the Copenhagen delegates understood that the world’s climate was entering a cooling phase, and decided to shift the target to temperature in the secure knowledge that the naturally-cooling planet would do the work for them to let them claim a phenomenal victory in a few years’ time.

stuiec of Moraga, CA, USA (Reply)
Sun 20 Dec 09 (07:14am)

Spiny Norman replied to stuiec
Sun 20 Dec 09 (01:25pm)

Good call. I suspect that is precisely what these charlatans and mountebanks are up to.

Kaboom replied to stuiec
Sun 20 Dec 09 (01:34pm)

StuieC, that is exactly spot on!

Aiming for a “target” temperature is even sillier than anything else put forward over the last 30 years, but those pesky PPMs will keep climbing. Especially from the BRIC nations.

If we are going into a low Solar Cycle 24 which may have the same effects as the 1760’s/70’s in the “Little Ice Age”, these arseh**les are going to start claiming victory.

The battle lines are drawn - we must discredit any sort of “temperature” aim as totally unscientific.

I mean, 2 degrees Celcius from what?

None of these idiots has defined the “what”. What is the base-line? Is it maximum, minimum, daily average, or what?

What temperature should the Earth’s thermostat be set at? Who sets the thermostat?

TATA is not the answer......

stuiec replied to stuiec
Sun 20 Dec 09 (02:35pm)

First there was Six Degrees of Separation.

Then came Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

And now we have Two Degrees of Copenhagen.

Rabz replied to stuiec
Sun 20 Dec 09 (04:23pm)

Indeed, people.

Has the oith ever had an ideal temperature?

Will it ever have an ideal temperature?

These idiots can’t govern our societies in any kind of acceptable manner, but they’re going to be able to control the woild’s temperature.

Yeah, right.

Start running, you lazy lying commie moron carpetbaggers.

We are coming to get you…

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