Friday, December 11, 2009

Some Chrissy thoughts...


Safely back in the office after attending my previous workplace’s Chrissy party last night.

Drank lots of beer, got into at least four separate arguments over global norming and ended up committing the ultimate social faux pas of telling a lesbian woman (not a goil) I thought she was cute (Beer goggles - never!)

Ended up getting a taxi home via Glebe (to drop off a hippy harpie) driven by an agreeable Bangladeshi chap who was of the opinion that his former homeland indeed wasn’t doomed and he was in favour of adaptation, not idiotic mitigation…

About the most sensible person I encountered all night.

Rabz of a woild gone stark ravin' bonkers... (Reply)
Fri 11 Dec 09 (01:36pm)

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