Friday, December 4, 2009

Some thoughts about ‘class issues’…

By The Way, sterilise the bastards...

As I've stated before on this blog, if you leave school and you're illiterate, addicted to drugs and/or alcohol and unlikely to do a day's productive work in your life (and assaulting and/or robbing people for a ‘living’ doesn't count) then you should be forcibly prevented from breeding.

The evidence is overwhelming - stupid people have the least reason but unfortunately the most time to breed and on that basis alone should be sterilised.

Abstinence simply doesn’t enter into the equation.

The reduced usage of law enforcement, criminal justice, health and education resources alone overwhelmingly justifies such a course of action. Not to mention the massive reduction in incidents of degradation and abuse of kiddies…

So that's it then, thank you, ‘social woikers’ – please go jump.

You do more damage to people when you’re alive.

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