Friday, August 21, 2009

age of stupid - not my woids, theirs'...

Hey Rabz!

A friend of mine has made a film about climate change.

The Premiere is tonite.

Another friend bought tickets but can’t go. Tickets are $30 for two.

I’ll be there, along with some other ‘famous’ people.

Thanks Gordon, but no thanks.

Some observations:

Age of stupid is an extremely appropriate title for a film about the greatest hoax of both the twentieth and twenty first centuries
When the history of this age is studied in the future, the fact that there was so much inexplicable hysteria, state sanctioned fraudulence and misallocation of resources over a mean temperature variation of a third of a degree will stagger those looking at it
This film will last about a week in the cinemas
This film will come to be regarded as even more ridiculous than al bore’s ‘an incontinent truth’

“Why didn’t humanity do more about ‘climate change’ while it had the chance?” How exactly do you do ‘something’ about an utterly imaginary phenomenon - i.e. catastrophic human induced climate change?

By denying food to people in thoid woild countries through misallocation of productive arable land to production of biofuels (for use by western hypocrites)?
By denying people in thoid woild countries the right to economic development?
By fraudulently demonising carbon dioxide as a ‘pollutant’?
By hobbling your country’s ability to produce and utilise cheap and abundant sources of energy and driving up the cost of that energy, all to make an utterly insignificant cut in so called carbon emissions?
By creating an entirely useless and fraudulent new economic trading instrument (carbon trading) for peddling by cocaine addled masters of the universe, further perpetuating un utterly unjustifiable misallocation of resources?
By scarring the country side with ugly, useless inefficient wind farms?
By peddling lies about the following?
Melting ice caps
Endangered species that aren’t
Rising sea levels
Increased temperatures

I’m sick to death of hearing about this preposterous, hysterical, fraudulent, sanctimonious, utterly insane fact and evidence free load of bollocks.

· The oith is a natural system.
· The oith’s climate has always changed
· Carbon dioxide does not drive temperature increases, nor does it have any effect on ‘climate’
· The ice caps are not melting
· Poley bears are not in danger of extinction
· Sea levels are not rising
· The barrier reef is not being bleached, poisoned, etc
· There has been no increase in extreme weather events over the last thoity years

And finally there has never been, nor will there ever be, an ideal global temperature.

And spare me this crazy undignified panic, PLEASE!

Yours in self righteous fury,

Rabbi Pavel Mustovich

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