Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hey talaleban – leave Rabz’ posts alone!

Heh - he obviously forgot to take his copy of “dhimmitude for dummies” along…

Rabz of a woild gone mad... (Reply)Fri 14 Aug 09 (01:42pm)

Talal replied to Rabz Fri 14 Aug 09 (03:04pm)
“dhimmitude for dummies”

rule 1. the families have the right to request their own rules and customs be adhered to in their own wedding.

islam has no rules pertaining to segregation of sexes during weddings.

TonyP replied to Rabz Fri 14 Aug 09 (05:11pm)

And guests, or anyone else for that matter, have the right to walk out whenever they please. Islam may have no such rules but are you saying that the hosts were not making a religious decision when they opted for segregation? Why do you think they wanted to keep the men and women apart?

CountryBumpkin replied to Rabz Fri 14 Aug 09 (07:13pm)

Oi! Tal la la la

“It is a popular venue for community weddings but rules state all ceremonies must be held in accordance of Sahriah law, the Islamic code. It states:

Wedding hire at the LMC is only available for Islamic weddings.

Hirers should ensure they require a wedding that complies with Islamic Shariah in which there is no free mixing between sexes and where proper Islamic dress code and etiquettes are observed.”

“islam has no rules pertaining to segregation of sexes during weddings”

Right! must have been the christian/jewish version of SHARIA law they were observing........????

Your trousers must fit you like a glove, nobody can get that stupid playing with one!!!!

Rabz replied to Rabz Fri 14 Aug 09 (08:49pm)

Err, talaleban,

Why insist on segregation, as a ‘custom’ at a particular venue, especially in a western country, where enforced segregation of the sexes at public occasions is frowned upon?

Is it because wahhabi influence is predominating in the West, courtesy of all those petrodollars?

I would prefer to see the ultimately irrelevant influence of so called ‘sufi’ islam in the West, rather than the confrontational, violent, racist, misogynist, backward, intolerant viral strain of waahabi islam.

Which, by the way is the original strain of islam (and please don’t try and tell us otherwise).

Remember talaleban, you ad’ere to the same backward belief system as these bigots.

And BTW, I’m not into responding to your disingenuous, dissembling twaddle.

Please leave my posts alone.

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