Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Melbourne's murderous muslim morons

Disgraceful. Of course nothing will be done to properly punish the idiots plotting these outrages. If they do end up in jail, they’ll get their halal food and sterilised Korans, as well as unfettered access to foaming, hate preaching imams…

That these insoluble bigots continue to flood into the country via boats from Indonesia (a muslim country) means that this problem will get a hell of a lot worse before it gets better (which is unlikely).

I’ve really had enough of this. What’s the point in working so that my taxes get spent on welfare benefits for these evil psychopathic scumbags who openly preach death to people like me and destruction of my society and culture?

Where can I find a politician or political party to vote for that will openly admit that allowing these racist, medieval misogynist monsters into this country is a very bad idea and it needs to stop? And that those muslim idiots here that are not citizens (or born here) will be deported if they cause any trouble?

My frustration with the idiot politicians we have in this country (and there’s way too bloody many of them, BTW) grows by the day, despite wondering how each new example of their stupidity could possibly be topped…

A very sound point was also made earlier about the evil, treacherous, sociopathic ‘progressive’ morons who are enabling the entry of these idiots and are acceding to their continued whining and demands that we adhere to their so called customs, not the other way round.

Also, if you want to discover where the real hotbeds of sharia creep are in this country, look no further than local governments (segregated swimming sessions, etc) and universities and tafe colleges.

Enough is enough.

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