Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sanctimonious lying bigots getting a free pass...

Well, count me as a detractor!

There are several reasons for my reluctance (and inability) to put up with the provocations of these self important types (especially talaleban and of late that raj), who assume they have a right to act as smug, self appointed spokesdissemblers for their so called ‘faith’.

There is no reason for non muslims to place any credence whatsoever in any soothing assurances from these types that, islam is a religion of peace, no threat to our way of life, etc.

Whether these types are willing to admit it or not, I and a quite a few others who comment on this blog know a hell of a lot more about their so called ‘faith’ than we ever wanted to. This pursuit of knowledge is based on the simple motto of “know thy enemy”.

islam has been an implacable scourge of civilization for the duration of its existence. There is ample, indisputable evidence of this fact. There is certainly no doubt that some other faiths have also constituted major impediments to the advancement of humanity, which is why I am not so much an atheist, as an anti religionist.

But their so called ‘faith’ is the worst of the worst. As already noted, I make this observation without prejudice and on the basis of indisputable evidence. I will not interact with adherents of this ‘faith’ in any way, including refusing to be conveyed by them in taxis, refusing to have them in my workplace, etc.

There is one word to explain my views and behavior – “trust”.

I will never trust any adherent of this so called ‘faith’ as there is simply no way of knowing if these ‘adherents’ are hate filled, murderous, closet fundamentalists.

As a result I’m also disinclined to put up with these glib, smug, hit and run, obnoxious, childish attempts to dispute the indisputable and defend the indefensible.

That is why I regard these types as beyond contempt and being adherents of that so called ‘faith’, as intrinsic, irredeemable bigots. Following Andrew’s call on this I will not debate them anymore, or respond to their provocations.

I also appreciate that I’ve been less than civil before to people on this blog who have attempted to rewrite history, peddle historical falsehoods or displayed inexcusable historical ignorance. And I have a temper. And for all of which I remain utterly unrepentant.

Sorry, Macca, I sympathise. Nonna, you should also reconsider, but it appears you already have. Andrew, I’d appreciate the Mods allowing me this opportunity to explain my views – apologies for the length.

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