Sunday, August 9, 2009

On why politicians are the scum of the oith...

No politician ever asked the people if they wanted to live in a multicuntural societah...

It was just foisted on us...

Why is it I am starting to feel like a foreigner in my own country? I am a 35 year old male Anglo Saxon that works 6 days a week in my own business. I have a reasonably happy marriage and 1 child. I vote Liberal and would consider myself Right Wing in my beliefs. In the last 2 years since Krudd has managed to get into power, I feel like I live in a foreign country. Left wing feral radicals that we used to laugh at getting water cannoned on the news because they were protesting aboot whatever the cause of the day was are now infiltrating all levels of Government.
Politicians, Judges, Lawyers, Police, Teachers and Journalist are more concerned about being Politically Correct than they are about Common Sense.

We are more concerned about WHY radical lunatics terrorist want to blow us up, and then we try and make up ways of blaming ourselves for their actions. Instead of blaming the terrorists, then locking them away for life.

We have a State Labore Government that is so obviously corrupt and totally ineffective that in 11 years have never had even 1 project run on time and on budget, they have done nothing about basic service like Transport, Water, yet waste more of our money than any Government in history and it is tolerated, and Victorians continue to vote for them. Maybe that’s because the opposition (State Libs) is pathetic at the very least and seem quite content to stay in opposition and simply refuses to hold the Government accountable for their total failures in all areas of Government.

We have a Federal Government that continues to import refugees from countries that will never assimilate into Australian societah, and already think Australia owes them something. Most of them come from a war torn country where kids are brought up with an AK47 in their hands. They see violent death, massacres and rapes daily, and have no concept of value of a life in the same sense as we do in Australia. In their country is they commit a crime they are killed, in Australia they are taught to be a victim and because of their horrible upbringing they are not responsible for their crimes, and even if they are jailed, they get a warm bed and 3 meals a day.
All common sense and people (other than Andrew Bolt) seem to be just accepting the changes in our society as normal. Maybe that why I must be a foreigner in my own country as nothing is making any sense anymore.

Troy of Melb (Reply)
Thu 06 Aug 09 (10:10am)

mack replied to Troy Thu 06 Aug 09 (11:42am)

Sorry Troy, your description clearly places you in a minority group without much political influence. Welcome to the club, mate

Griffin replied to Troy Thu 06 Aug 09 (12:13pm)

Hi Troy, you reflect my feelings accurately. I travel to and from Dandenong every day, and I feel more and more like a stranger in my own town. It’s getting to the point where I won’t shop in Dandenong any more.

I would like to know what our government is going to do to fix this situation.

Nothing much, I’d say, they’re a pack of cowards who thought they were doing the right thing by “rescuing” these people from their war-torn strife, but have not provided the back-up and support to help these people realise what we have in this country, which is good and healthy, and which they could be a part of, so long as they work to get over their imported issues. I fear for the children of any decent family in this country.

Those of us with common sense have our work cut out for us, I reckon. I have no faith in our government at all. But at this point, what to do?

Rabz replied to Troy Thu 06 Aug 09 (01:56pm)


If it’s any consolation, I sympathise as a white middle class male - treated as a never ending source of taxation revenue to fund the lifestyles of people I despise and people who despise me.

People who don’t and won’t do anything for themselves. People who have children with multiple partners and then don’t give a rat’s about them. People addicted to drugs and alcohol who have nothing better to do than go out and assault and/or rob productive members of society. People from failed cesspits overseas being allowed into this country who hate me because of the colour of my skin and who consider bankrupting my society a contribution to ‘jihad’.

Braindead politicians who give my hard earned tax dollars away to scumbags to spend on booze, drugs and poker machines and then further increase my taxes to pay for this reckless stupidity…

I could go on, but what’s the point…

All of the factors above are going to lead to me ceasing to be a productive member of society a hell of a lot earlier than might otherwise be the case. There will come a point soon where I’ll opt out and the ‘gummint’ can support me.

When will braindead politicians start to realise the level of anger out there amongst people like us and try to tap into it?
Never, because politicians are short sighted, expedient, unprincipled, incompetent, corrupt morons and we’re not loud, obnoxious, violent, stupid, ‘highly visible’ idiots and/or ethnics.

Will I be able to blame society when I finally blow my stack and take some direct action?

No, didn’t think so…

Troy replied to Troy Thu 06 Aug 09 (05:15pm)

Thanks Mack, Griffin and Rabz you could have taken the words right out of my mouth. Perfectly summed up.

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